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Esaka Fadh Khalil

2003 - 2019

“Khalil” was a joy to have in our herd. Of rare Al Khasma lineage, this stunning Arabian started off life as a breeding stallion. Through unfortunate circumstances he ended up in a hoarding situation, but was fortunately seized by animal control and brought back to health by Central Virginia Horse Rescue. Adopted into a loving home, he spent the next few years living a full and happy life. As time passed his family became unable to care for him due to health issues, and he found his home at Equine Welfare Society. 


Although the beginning years of his life were difficult, he was always sensible, kind and loving. Even in the end, Khalil was nothing but caring. Rather than possibly injuring a herd mate while playing, he made the decision to try and jump over him, rather than into him, fatally injuring his leg. This horse has touched our lives and he will never be forgotten. Esaka Fadh Khalil was surround by his human and best equine friends in the end. 

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