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In 2008, Fiona came to the Equine Welfare Society as a pregnant and neglected mare in need of much care and love. She soon gave birth to Viola, and briefly entered training for riding. After it was discovered that she was physically unable to become a riding horse, she entered the sanctuary program.

Fiona is a kind mare who served as a show horse companion and traveled to Wellington for the show season until she officially retired to Virginia pasture.

Fiona suffers from photosensitivity. This requires night turnout in the summer and a fly mask to help protect against sunburn. Aside from these special management needs, she is a wonderful mare.



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Status: Sanctuary

Things I Love: Not Wearing My Fly Mask

Year of Birth: 1997

Breed: Appaloosa

Height: 15 Hands

Sex: Spayed Mare

Color: Blanket Appaloosa

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