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1983 - 2014

“Snowy” came to the Equine Welfare Society in 2008 due to behavioral issues. Suffering from a hind leg wound, she was fractious and would not permit the needed medical treatment. Through USERL, Snowy came to EWS and subsequently our veterinarian discovered that she was almost completely blind. With limited sight, her trust of humans was very fragile making medical treatment or any general handling difficult.


In the beginning, Snowy preferred not to be touched by anyone and was quite determined to go her own way. However, after many years at the farm, quiet time spent together in her stall and a daily routine of turnout with her old friends, Snowy blossomed into a treat-eating-boss-mare who could gallop around her pasture like lightning! Snowy passed away peacefully in the spring of 2014 at the age of 39.

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