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looking for the right horse to complete your life?  

visit with each of our herd members below....

Minstril Mist DMF Headshot.jpg

Minstril Mist DMF

Egyptian Arabian 

2010 - 15.2 Hands - Gelding 

Soleil - Headshot.jpg


Small Pony

2017 - 11.2 Hands - Mare




2007 - 14 Hands - Gelding

Sweet Melissa - Headshot.jpg

Sweet Melissa


2017 - 15.1 Hands - Mare

Plum Headshot.jpg



2007 - 14 Hands - Gelding

Coming Soon

20?? -  1? Hands - ? 


As always, the safety of our employees and equines is our top priority.


Our response to the coronavirus pandemic continues to be informed by the guidance of official bodies, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whose framework for mitigation for community groups is based on the level of community transmission of COVID-19, as well as the latest White House guidelines, and those of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our Veterinary Care Fund is operating as usual. 

The mission of The Equine Welfare Society is to educate the general public about the cost, care, management and responsible reproduction of horses, and to provide rehabilitation and training resources with the goal of transitioning them into useful and wanted companions.


233 Bridlespur farm | Keswick | Virginia  | 22947 | USA 


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