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Training Program


All of the horses that go through the Equine Welfare Society training program leave with a firm grasp of the basics, both on the ground and under saddle.  While we certainly expect them to have specific skills, our focus is on creating well rounded, cooperative partners who will succeed in all aspects of their future lives.

Assessment & Initial Training

First and foremost, all of the adoptable riding horses are fully vetted before entering the training program.  We want to insure that each and every individual is physically capable of meeting any needs as a performance athlete before we ask them to do so.  

The vet report and any radiographs are released to the adopter providing them with a solid medical baseline.

Any horse listed for adoption as a riding prospect can be expected to have impeccable ground manners.  Our training system assures that all of our horses are accustomed to and well behaved for bathing, clipping, tying, trailer loading, leading and often ground tying.  They are all safe to interact with and stand well for both the farrier and veterinarian.  A good relationship begins on the ground and is built with trust and respect.

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Skills Under Saddle

Under saddle, all horses can be expected to walk, trot, and canter with ease both in the arena and outside.  We make sure that all of our horses are able to confidently navigate through water, through open fields and on trails in the woods both alone and in a group setting.  The ability to work in a variety of environments is an important skill for any horse.  Horses that show potential talent as jumpers are also lightly started over fences in the ring and small cross country obstacles.

Additionally, all of our horses have show atmosphere experience.  It is important to feel comfortable taking your horse to a new environment, and it is integral to your future success that they are also happy in performing in a public venue.  Equine Welfare Society horses are well adjusted to a variety of situations.​​

Ultimate Goal 

Our ideal is to cultivate horses that are avid learners, so that they can go forth into their new lives and benefit from the humans that surround them.  We teach them from the very beginning that we are, above all, fair and trustworthy, and we expect them to behave in a similar manner.  We are always mindful of individual needs, and believe that having a structured program with malleable details is what makes us successful with a variety of horses.

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