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Why Adopt from Equine Welfare Society?

There are many horses in the world that, through no fault of their own, end up being unwanted or neglected.  Many of these horses are perfectly lovely and fully useful for sporting careers, but just need a little extra time and training in the beginning.  The objective of Equine Welfare Society is to provide these horses with a full set of skills, both on the ground and under saddle, that will ensure their success as they go on to new homes and lives.

Adoption offers many advantages and can be an excellent way to find your next equine best friend.  EWS is unique in its approach as we perform a full veterinary examination before including horses in our program.

Through our adoption program, you can find your next partner in a very cost-effective manner.  Our horses have excellent ground manners, are trained to walk, trot and canter both inside the arena and out on the trails.  If they enjoy jumping, we train them over stadium jumps and solid obstacles.  The horses also travel off the farm for show experience.  Adoption fees are affordable and in many cases are considered tax deductible donations.

Our goal is to find warmhearted homes for our beloved horses.  It is our policy to maintain contact with our adopters for one year post adoption, and EWS trusts the adopters to make good decisions for their future.  For the life of the horse, particularly during the first year, we are there to serve as a resource for adopters.  As a safety net, all horses may return to our farm if they can no longer be cared for, and are microchipped with our contact information.

Lucy and Adopter.jpg

Last but not least, you are truly saving a life when you adopt a horse as your next riding companion. There are many unwanted horses in the world, and they are all looking for a home to call their own and a person that they can love.  The gratitude that these horses feel towards their riders and handlers is unmatched, and they truly understand that you have rescued them.

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